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Audiology & Speech Therapy

Department of Audiology and Speech Therapy at Yashoda Super Specialty Hospitals has a well – furnished & state of the art Audiology and Speech Therapy Unit. At Yashoda, we take pride in housing professionally qualified Audiology and Speech – Therapists, who have been employed to conduct a diverse pool of tests for diagnosis of speech and hearing problems in both children and adults.

Diagnostic Audiology offers the following service prospects:


The aftermath of the aforementioned tests determines the Audiology and Speech – Therapists to precisely diagnose the degree and type of hearing loss the patient is suffering from along with planning out an advisory for any needful rehabilitation.

This unit also offers facilities for detailed Speech & Language assessment and rehabilitation for the following:

Audiology Language Speech
Outer ear disorders Delayed speech and language Cleft palate
Middle ear pathology Autism Stuttering
Cochlear / retrocochlear pathology Cerebral palsy Cluttering
Auditory dyssynchrony Mental retardation Phonological & Articulation disorders
Central auditory processing disorders Hearing impairment Dysarthria
Aural amplification devices Learning disability Voice problems
Auditory verbal therapy Dementia Apraxia
Cochlear Implant Aphasia Swallowing disorders

Post diagnosis, our assigned auditory specialist / speech therapist accurately determine the speech – language impairment, provide regular advisory to the patient. The designated therapy aims at improvising the speech intelligibility of the patients. We believe that inclusion of the factor of parental participation in speech therapy plays a crucial role in overall speech improvement.

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Audiology & Speech Therapy

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Audiology & Speech Therapy

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