Dr. Bindu Kumari

Therapist Audiology


Charles Holland award (2012).


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Brief Profile


Charles Holland award (2012).


All India Institute of Speech and Hearing University of Mysore: B.Sc. (Speech & Hearing)
All India Institute of Speech and Hearing University of Mysore: Diploma in Speech hearing and Language ( Jageswari Speech & Hearing institute )

Professional Training :

  • Performed diagnostic testing for all ages; from newborn to geriatric.
  • Performed different electrophysiological test like ABR, MLR, LLR, MMN, VEMP and ASSR.
  • Hearing aid dispensing for all ages; from pediatric to geriatric.
  • Provided aural rehabilitation services including individual and group rehabilitative services.
  • Learnt different central auditory processing subjective and objective test for evaluation.
  • Learnt real ear measurement in all ages; from pediatric to geriatric.
  • Carried out Electro acoustic measurement for analog, digital hearing aid and assistive listening devices.
  • Consultation and expert witness testimony on environmental noise and occupational noise induced hearing loss.
  • Experience in making different types of ear molds.
  • Performed diagnostic testing for all ages by using subjective tests like LPT, REELS, SPS. Etc.
  • Perfomed different kind objective assessment by using DR Speech +vagmi.

Conferences/Presentation /workshop :

  • Attended clinical conferences and journal clubs at All India Institute of speech and Hearing, Mysore as a part of academic curriculum.
  • Presented a scientific paper entitled “Neurofibromatosis Type II” in the clinical conference held at All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysore 2001.
  • Discussed a paper on “Binaural masking level difference and ASSR” as part of Journal club at AIISH, Mysore, 2004.
  • Presented a scientific entitled ‘’ Effect of number of frequency bands in a hearing aid on the estimated speech intelligibility ‘’ held at Gujarat (ISHA Conference).
  • Submitted a dissertation on “A Study of Auditory Brain Response using “Chained stimuli and BERAphone’’ under the guidance of Dr. C.S Vanaja as a part of master program in Mysore University, 2004.
  • Attended 40th National Conference of Indian Speech and Hearing Association held at Mangalore from 1st to 3rd February, 2008.
  • Attended lecture on evidence based practice in speech and audiology at Mangalore 2009.
  • Attended workshop on advancement in Cochlear Implant technology at K.M.C, Mangalore.
  • Attended a workshop on Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential at Bharthi Vidyapeeth, Pune on 20/11/09.



  • Indian Speech and Hearing Association (ISHA).
  • RCI

Key Expertise

Audiology & Speech Therapy


2009-2010 – Worked at delhi as Audiologist and speech therapist.Worked   as HOD in   ACT, Hospital College of Audiology & Speech Language Pathology. Responsible for supervision of graduate clinician in audiology and speech diagnostic clinic. Teach audiology curriculum to graduate student. Serve as lead advisor for graduate student. Provide direct clinical audiology service in the audiology clinic like electro physiologic batteries, hearing aid evaluation and fitting, auditory processing evaluation, infant hearing evaluation, Balance disorder evaluation and auditory verbal therapy. Provide on call audiometric testing for otolaryngology clinic. Responsible for program development for audiology department. Hearing aid dispensing of all ages; pediatric to giadiatric.  Lead member for hearing screening in normal school going children. Supervising graduate in conducting the pediatric evaluation.

2007-2009 –  Audiology Supervisor cum lecturer at  University of Mangalore,  Mangalore  academy of professional studies in speech and hearing department. Provided direct  subjective and objective audiological tests.  Involved  in fitting of hearing aid through subjective and objective method. Guided clinical conference on NIHL, Audilogical profile in autistic children, Importance of Tinnitus assessment in audiology, Effect of acoustic modification on Hearing aid Performance etc.  Aided in obtaining the appropriate follow up services for children identified through this programme. Arranged many Audiological school screening camp and also attended 10 days NSS Audiological camp at Maravoor, Manglore.

2006-2007 –  Audiologist and speech therapist at Cochlea Pune for hearing and speech. Performed diagnostic audiology and speech services to all ages from pediatric to geriatric. Provided consulting services for school deaf teacher regarding amplification and aural management. Provided hearing aid evaluations and tinnitus masker evaluation. Involved in community based rehabilitation programme.

2002-2004 –   Audiologist and sppech therapist . Cochlea Pune for hearing and speech Pune. Responsible for diagnostic services, hearing aid evaluation and dispensing. Conducted and interpreted auditory brainstem response testing and other special audiological test battery.  Conducted community oriented service. Involved in Auditory verbal therapy and communication strategies training. Worked with different kind of sppech and language impaired client . Provided auditory verbal therapy to the children. Provided therapy to dyslexic children. Arranged many camp to school.