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At Yashoda Super Speciality Hospitals, we compassionately comprehend with the fact that the transfiguration of a woman into a mother (especially for the first time), is a thrilling yet an overwhelming experience. Our futuristically equipped premises & clinical excellence have been blessed to cherish a plethora of moments concerning parenthood, ranging right from the phase of conceiving a child to finally relishing that indelible moment of parturition.

We proffer fertility solutions for those who are unable to conceive, endow counseling for the worrisome would – be – mothers, comprehensive care during pregnancy, maternity prospects of service for new moms and pediatric prudence for the newborns.

Yashoda Hospitals provide ultra – modern & trailblazing antenatal, pre – partum, birthing, post – partum, neonatal & gynecology related amenities. We confer an ambience to nurture the warmth & comfort of a personalized care delivered by a highly professional crew that rests its firmly established belief in empathy; same as the excellence of their expertise. We strive at our best to assemble the life – altering phases of pregnancy and childbirth moment by moment as a joyous experience for every aspiring mother & reception of wholesome parental reassurance and peace of mind.


Engineered to cater all the pre – requisites of episodes of labor, delivery & recovery, our LDRs ensure that mothers don’t endure from the aches and pains of being moved between labor and pre / post – operative recovery bay. Equipped with multi-positioning beds to accommodate a variety of birthing positions, LDRs are devised & designed to guarantee absolute privacy. These LDRs are also located in close proximity to the Operation Theatres (OTs) in the emergency events pertaining to the requirement of any additional care.


The on ground miracle workers of Yashoda Hospitals incorporate the following:


Along with the aforementioned personnel, Yashoda takes pride in one of the foremost pacing technological domains of medicine to utilize minimal invasive techniques for shorter than usual durations for inpatient stay and recovery.


Yashoda Super Speciality Hospitals excel in providing the services of adequately skilled and dexterous staff of Pediatricians, in turn, well tutored in domains of physical, mental, emotional & behavioral requirements of your child to diagnose and treat a wide bandwidth of childhood – related health anomalies.

Our proficient Neonatologists are available 24x7 at your disposal to bestow their best possible specialized advisory & care owing to events such as premature birth complications or health abnormalities right after childbirth.

From addressing diversified chronic ailments, acute illnesses, injury, behavioral disorders & rehabilitation, our pediatricians offer numerous outpatient services to endure that all the stages of child development are hassle free and its growth is sustainable.

Pediatric services accessible at Yashoda:


Pediatric surgical approaches available at Yashoda:



Commencing from the inception of pregnancy, our experts in fetal medicine, in the context of a fetus, endeavor to monitor its growth & development along with predicting, detecting & managing visible / invisible complications as well as treating congenital disorders and anomalies in the womb.

Serum & Prenatal screening, Obstetrical Ultrasound and Pre Eclampsia screening are some of the fetal scans that furnish the following crucial information:


Our medical cadre amalgamates specialists in domains of fertility, reproductive medicine, reproductive endocrinology, andrology, urology, fertility enhancing laparoscopic surgeons, fetal medicine assisted by a supportive crew of physiotherapists, counselors and dieticians.


Taking proper cognizance of the bitter condition of infertility, we commenced a futuristic IVF facility in Ghaziabad whose lab members keep themselves abreast with the ever – improving techniques, thereby fine – tuning the center to one of the most successful ART centers in India.

Successful treatment of infertility is all about teamwork. From the primary rounds of consultation right through the treatment process and even afterwards, we ensure the best possible advisory, treatment and care at hands of a highly skilled and committed team.

We administer targeted treatment and care for a full bandwidth of gynecological complications adversely affecting women from a young age to elderly years. Providing a comprehensive and accurate diagnosis to support the treatment and recovery, women’s health specialists, physiotherapists, etc. offer a fully integrated approach to managing all the prospects of your wellbeing.

Scope of services:


We, at Yashoda Hospitals, fuse our service provisions from various clinical & medical domains to provide a one stop solution for all your infertility related health disorders.

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