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Why second opinion from Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital?

At Yashoda Super Specialty Hospital, we understand the value and importance of a second opinion that serves to review your health anomalies and establishes relevant & related treatment recommendations. It also allows the patients to explore other alternatives and gather confidence about the next stages in one’s treatment journey.

A second opinion often helps you to:

  • Confirm your diagnosis:
    Although nobody anywhere is prepared to take cognizance of the disease a person’s suffering from. Moreover, once known, it becomes crucial to be sure of the type, spread, severity, treatment options, etc. of that particular disease before starting with its diagnosis and treatment. A second opinion eliminates any possibility of detection error and / or diagnostic dilemma.
  • Explore treatment alternatives:
    A second opinion allows the survey of a variety of options related to corrective treatment of a patient. It also provides a possibility to learn about the latest technologies available. A second opinion is even more crucial in complex cases of critical health abnormalities.
    For example: Consider a patient who has been recommended to get mastectomy for breast cancer. When such a patient seeks a second opinion from us, we provide him / her much better alternative such as breast preservation. While some medical professionals (doctors & surgeons) prefer to go for the surgical procedure, while we first check the patients for their responses and later offer them affordable alternates like immunotherapy.
  • Gain confidence about your treatment:
    Be it any short – term or long – term illness, it is a fact that each & every disease requires a long – term care. Once the treatment related protocol is finalized, the patient should ensure that he / she is comfortable with one’s health recovery team and its approach; a second opinion helps to certify that.
  • Be prepared for surgery:
    Availing chosen treatment packages is not limited to only undergoing clinical procedures; it also incorporates amplified awareness and proper education of the patient’s entire care plan. A second opinion proffers a chance to not only learn about different diagnosis & treatments alternatives but also help a patient prepare for the surgery beforehand (if & whenever needed).

A second opinion often acts as the life – saving measure.

If you have received diagnosis for a rare or even common type of disease, please consider seeking a second opinion at the Yashoda Super Speciality Hospitals. Any person on a lookout to seek a second opinion can consult a Yashoda Consultant, and express interest in the services offered. The patient’s medical records will be thoroughly studied and based on the patient’s health history and case discussion with the Yashoda Consultant, insights will be shared to further discuss and decide the best course of treatment for the patient.


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