In the Department of Oral, Dental & Craniofacial Care of Yashoda Super Speciality Hospitals, the equation: ‘Healthy Mouth + Healthy Body = Total Wellness..!’ is properly exhibited in the core of the plethora of services provided at Yashoda Hospitals.

A. Dental Braces:

Braces are usually employed to correct a diverse variety of flaws of the teeth but additionally, they also serve as pre – requisites in order to correct jaw bone disorders like Temporo – mandibular joint disorders (TMDs), facial asymmetry, developmental deformities etc. which normally warrant the usage of functional orthodontic appliances or corrective jaw surgeries to widen or reshaping of the jaws.

Causes of Teeth or Jaw misalignments:

Causes of Teeth or Jaw misalignments:


B. Dental Implants:

Dental implants are the most sophisticated dental rehabilitation solutions that have become an extremely popular way (next to natural way) of permanently fixing the missing teeth. At Yashoda Hospitals, we offer excellent dental implant placements rendered through a painless procedure under anesthesia; however, post – operative symptoms such as mild soreness can be treated with minimal medications. We take great pride in the accomplishment of success rate in dental implant placements of up to 98%.

Benefits of Dental Implants over Bridges & Dentures:


C. LASER Dentistry:

The era of advanced and hi – tech medical procedures have employed LASER technique as an integral part in oral & dental care to elevate the preset standards of care.

Advantages of using LASER in Dentistry:


Dental procedures eligible for LASER Therapy:


LASER Therapy is absolutely safe to work on patients with disorders and health anomalies related to heart, liver or kidney, along with patients who are availing the medication of blood thinning drugs. This therapy is a special boon for the diabetic patients owing to its self – sterilization property and unique characteristics that facilitates rapid healing.

D. Jaw Pain:

Yashoda Hospitals house specialized experts in the domain of dentistry medical sciences who exist to provide remedies for the disorders of the complex system known as the Temporo – Mandibular Joint (TMJ). The painful Temporo – Mandibular Disorder (TMD) commonly called ‘Jaw Pain’ happens when any injury occurs to the TMJ and / or the jaw muscles, ligaments & tendons.

Although jaw related injuries usually take a couple of weeks to resolve but if an unnecessary delay is caused, then research exhibits a greater than 50% probability for the normal pain to approach chronic & even intractable levels.

Signs of possible jaw injury:


Steps to provide remedy and treat your achy jaw:


Ranging from minor to severe jaw pains, at Yashoda Hospitals, we treat patients from all the possible categories. We also provide you guidance for the upkeep of a good oral hygiene.

E. Digital Dentistry:

To overcome the demerits of the traditional & manual manufacturing and deliver more precise dental prostheses (teeth cap / crown, veneers, dentures, etc.), the Department of Oral, Dental & Craniofacial Care of Yashoda Super Speciality Hospitals employ the use of digital dental impressions or virtual models produced using a Digital Intra – Oral Scanner.

This modern handheld equipment (Digital Intra – Oral Scanner) directly creates the digital impression (accurate details of hard & soft tissues) of the oral cavity.

A few of its advantages:


The dawn of Digital Dentistry has been welcomed at Yashoda Hospitals, Kaushambi with wide open arms and we take immense pride in being the medical center of a kind to employ this gold standard technology to our dental clinics.

F. Other services:

The Department of Oral, Dental & Craniofacial Care of Yashoda Super Speciality Hospitals also provides the following for the better functioning of your oral system:


The aforementioned crucial particulars are available in the form of informative leaflets in multiple languages for the easy understanding of our patients and / or their attendants.

Following are the Dental & Craniofacial Services offered by Yashoda Hospitals to our patients:

a. Dental Procedures:


b. Craniofacial Procedures:


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