The Department of Nephrology at Yashoda Super Specialty Hospitals constitutes Nephrologists having extensive experience in diagnosing and treating a number of renal disorders and performing dialysis. The department’s patient – centric team attends to patients with acute renal failure, chronic renal failure, end stage renal disease, Hematuria (blood loss in the urine), Proteinuria (the loss of protein especially albumin in the urine), electrolyte disorders (acid / base imbalance) and other such medical anomalies.

At Yashoda, patients receive high – end treatment at a leading center for the management of all possible renal complications. A well – equipped renal pathology, with complete biochemical, immunological, microbiological and histological back – up existing under one roof to cater the pre – requisites of patients’ needs.

Latest generation, fully computerized bicarbonate Hemodialysis machines with volumetric ultra – filtration and adjustable sodium facility, and provides better patient safety profile. Computerized automatic dialyzer re – use system ensures safety & adequacy of dialysis and also economizes dialysis for the patient, thereby sufficing our commitment to provide affordable healthcare.

Following the safety & sanitization standards, thorough disinfection of all the dialysis machines is performed after every shift by adequately trained technical and nursing staff under supervision of seasoned nephrologists. A dialysis medical officer is available in the department to manage all sorts of complications.

Services offered encapsulate:

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