Rheumatology is otherwise termed as Clinical Immunology; for the sake of continuity and ease of identification among patients the term rheumatology is still retained. As of now, it is formally acknowledged that the underlying cause for a disease like rheumatism often descends from a deregulation of the normal functioning of the human body’s immune system. Hence, diseases developing as a consequence of deregulation (or modified regulation) of the normal functioning of the immune system can adversely affect (virtually) any organ of the body.

In a comprehensive explanation, when the immune system of an individual goes ‘rogue’ in an abnormal manner that instead of protecting the body, it starts damaging its cells & tissues and an entirely discrete set of ailments called Autoimmune Diseases.

Yashoda Hospitals provides stellar, compassionate & one of a kind service to all its patients agonized by aforementioned complications. Our specialized doctors work together to create personalized treatment care plans for all catalogued rheumatic diseases.

The following tabulated data exhibits the rheumatic / autoimmune health anomalies we identify, address, diagnose & tackle those head – on at Yashoda:

Joints Disease of joints is called ARTHRITIS.
Blood Vessels Diseases of blood vessels are called VASCULITIS(Since blood vessels are ubiquitous in the body, any organ like the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, gut, skin joint, muscle, etc. can be affected).
Muscles Disease affecting muscles is called MYOSITIS.
Skin Disease affecting the skin is called Systemic SCLEROSIS.
Eyes Disease affecting part of the eyes is called UVEITIS.
Kidney Disease of the kidney is collectively called NEPHRITIS.
Soft Tissue Rheumatism A group of conditions which are not included in the above but which can cause tremendous pain over the entire body called FIBROMYALGIA which is fairly commonly.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome A rarer condition in our country, the disorder causes pain at the insertion of muscles, tendons called ENTHESOPATHY or TENDINITIS respectively.
Tenosynovitis Inflammation around tendons and ligaments called TENOSYNOVITIS which can manifest as CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME or TRIGGER FINGERS.
(Systemic Lupus Erythematosus)
A chronic generalized inflammatory condition which is characterized by fever and affecting all or any combination of organs mentioned above. This condition is diagnosed by the presence of typical antibodies in the blood called ANA antibodies.

Autoimmune diseases diverge in mild to severe range and are sometimes categorized as even fatal. Usually, they influence multiple systems of the body simultaneously and diagnosing them requires a wholesome approach. Our dutiful professionals put the elements of the case study of a patient together into perspective and design appropriate therapy for managing the pain.

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