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Nuclear Medicine

It involves the intense analysis of the patients’ afflicted organs at the cellular level, where a developing disease is diagnosed before there happens any transformation at its structural level. This unique characteristic makes Nuclear medicine a much more physiologic and more sensitive than any other diagnostic procedure among a range of various clinical situations.

With the technological wonder named – Dual Head Gamma Camera,
the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Yashoda Super Specialty Hospitals exhibits the ability to provide high – quality diagnostic & treatment services in an extremely professional and prominent environment. Utilizing only small amounts of radioactive isotopes (or tracers or radionuclides) as in medical jargon, we can help not only diagnose but treat a diverse pool of diseases.

While the diagnostic techniques such as the X – Ray, Ultrasound or any other diagnostic test determines the presence of anomaly constructed on the structural appearance, Nuclear medicine regulates the cause of the medical problem based on the function of patient’s organ, tissue or bone.

We at Yashoda, take immense pride in being the sole service provider of Nuclear Medicine in the entire Western Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand.

Following are some major applications of Nuclear Medicine:

Cardiac Applications:


Oncological Applications:


Renal Applications:


Neurological Applications:


Pulmonary Applications:


Orthopedic Applications:


Advantages appended with the usage of Nuclear Medicine:

Nuclear medicine is adequately efficient to diagnose and treat diseases in a secured and painless manner. It involves the use of high – end computers and cameras and small doses of permitted radioactive substances introduced into the patient’s body; either by injection, oral, or inhalation. Identifying sites of seizures (epilepsy), Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease, early detection of neurodegenerative disorders, myocardial disorder, etc. has enhanced to a much lesser time consuming procedure.

Safe, uncomplicated performance, non-invasive and imparts minimal radiation, Nuclear medicine also has a therapeutic aspect to it. This application majorly necessitates the administration of those radionuclides which radiate alpha and beta particles; both these aforementioned particles, when localized to the respective target areas, obliterate the entire disease oriented process from within

Drawing sharp contrasts from the conventional Radiotherapy and / or Chemotherapy, Nuclear medicine causes only the minutest damage to the untargeted organs of the patient’s body. While observing the most neoteric development in the domain of Nuclear medicine, therapies such as ‘Labeled Micro Spheres Therapy” (for diagnosing & treating cancer lesions in the liver) and “Radio – labeled Targeted Antibody Therapy” hold exciting future!