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Minimal Access & General Surgery

The Department of Surgery at Yashoda Super Specialty Hospital exists to gravitate towards all possible & available general surgical procedures including advanced laparoscopic surgeries. Our cluster of general surgeons works in close proximity with specialists of other medical domains to diagnose and perform timely surgical intervention(s).

Scope of services thus offered:

Pre-operative Check-up (PAC):

Consultants of Internal Medicine Services are involved in preoperative checks in addition to anesthetist’s assessment to manage & pick up existing medical problem prior to surgical procedures as well as to take appropriate measures prior to surgeries. In some cases, consultants are required to manage co-morbid medical problems with surgical conditions. Preoperatively, post operatively & during intra operative period super-specialists are also called in whenever required.

Unique characteristics of the department:

Our performance repercussions, namely: use of cutting edge technology, medical expertise and unsurpassed success rates have earned Yashoda Hospitals its name among one of the best general & specialized surgery hospitals in India.