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Interventional Spine & Pain management

The spine of an organism is the central support structure of the body. It acts as the connecting port to the musculoskeletal system. It protects the spinal cord & nerve roots, provides structural support & balance to maintain an upright posture along with providing the ability to perform flexible movements. Pain, on the other hand, is one of the major ailments of mankind and is identified as the fifth vital sign towards diagnosing the health status of an individual; it is so common that we have learnt to even live with it. But, at Yashoda Super Speciality Hospitals, a comprehensive platform exists to dispense treatment to all types of chronic painful conditions.


The primary objectives of interventional spine and pain management, under Pain Medicine (medically designated as Algology) are to relieve, mitigate, or manage the pain and improve the patient’s overall quality of life through minimally invasive techniques specifically designed to diagnose and treat painful conditions. Through holistic and comprehensive methods, conservatively using multi – modal approaches for all chronic joint and spinal pain conditions, the cutting edge technological procedures we provide are utilized to cure the patients.

Yashoda Hospitals tenders extensive round the clock services focused on the diagnosis and management of chronic and disabling pain disorders through advanced surgical & non – surgical treatment alternatives.

Scope of services offered in the department:

All the aforementioned service prospects constitute the top priorities for our department; the very first of its kind in any Private Hospital in Delhi / NCR.

Treatment modalities available for Spine & Pain Management:

At Yashoda Hospitals, we take immense pride in our highly qualified and excellent team of professional medical staff at the Interventional Spine & Pain Management center, who is supposedly the thought leaders in this domain. Our treatment plans & packages, by default, include offering empathetic and patient – centered treatment to all. We provide thorough diagnosis and full – scale treatment for health anomalies such as arthritis, spinal stenosis, shoulder pain, hip pain, and back pain. Our spine and pain management experts are well – versed in using interventional therapies such as: Spine injections and Joint injections. These therapies decrease the overall pain and lower the dependence of our patients on opioids medications.

Owning dedicated centers for pain management center and an in – house physiotherapy and rehabilitation module, gives us an upper hand in healthcare domain to impart home – like supportive care to our patients through our certified pain management specialists.