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Hemorrhoidectomy, Fissurectomy & Fistulectomy

Yashoda Super Speciality Hospitals offer a diverse range of treatment packages for hemorrhoidectomy, fissurectomy & fistulectomy. Various types of excellent quality world – class treatments provided at the Yashoda Hospitals under aforementioned medical procedures are as per following:

A. STAPLED hemorrhoidectomy:

The stapled hemorrhoidectomy is a surgical procedure that incorporates the steps of cutting and removal of anal hemorrhoidal vascular cushion. This procedure also removes abnormally enlarged hemorrhoidal tissue, followed by the repositioning of the remaining hemorrhoidal tissue back to its normal anatomic position.

Stapled hemorrhoidectomy is faster than traditional hemorrhoidectomy and is associated with much less pain than the latter. The risks of stapled hemorrhoidectomy include the following:


B. LASER hemorrhoidectomy:

LASER hemorrhoidectomy is relatively one of the latest procedures of coagulation of the hemorrhoidal blood flow by the LASER for treating the hemorrhoid related health disorder. The surgery is conducted by the hands of a highly experienced surgeon. The intense amount of heat of the LASER beam cauterizes and seals off the blood vessels, therefore shrinking the hemorrhoid while reducing the risk of excessive bleeding during and after the procedure. It is a surgical procedure of high – end precision because it leaves no effect to the surrounding tissues as well as the anal sphincters.

Following are the advantages associated with the LASER hemorrhoidectomy:


LASER hemorrhoidectomy is considered a minimally invasive procedure for hemorrhoid treatment that allows the patient to achieve the best possible outcomes with minimal discomfort, rapid recovery.

C. LASER fissurectomy:

In the case of chronic anal fissure, LASER fissurectomy is the surgical procedure of the first choice. It includes the following:


The LASER fissurectomy surgical procedure provides benefits in terms of:


The use of the Diode LASER with the aid of a magnifying glass (for detailed observation) during fissurectomy offers the aforementioned advantages.

D. LASER fistulectomy:

Healing of a fistula without a proper and timely surgery is almost impossible. All the possibilities of healing an anal fistula through medication or special wound care have not been fulfilled so far. Hence, the diagnosis of an anal fistula is usually a clear indication for employing a surgical procedure and serves to prevent a recurrent septic process. The spontaneous healing of an anal fistula without any proper surgical intervention can be considered as an extremely unlikely event to occur anyhow.

At Yashoda Hospitals, LASER fistulectomy involves:


Advantages associated with LASER fistulectomy:


LASER treatment for Pilonidal Sinus:

Employing LASER to some surgical procedures has resulted in a revolutionary aftermath that offers multiple advantages. In this line, the treatment for Pilonidal Sinus has given quite surprising results, such as:


The LASER guided technique is set to be proposed as the first – line treatment to the majority of patients suffering from a pilonidal sinus health disorder.