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Critical Care

Critical or Intensive Care is the most crucial specialty earmarked for patients who are critically ill. They require support for instability (hypertension / hypotension), airway or respiratory compromise (ventilator support), acute renal failure, cardiac arrhythmias, or the cumulative effects of multiple organ failure, more commonly referred to now as multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. In addition, those patients in exigencies of intensive / invasive monitoring may also be placed in the Intensive Care Units (ICUs).

The Department of Critical Care at Yashoda Hospitals tends to patients with aforementioned health anomalies encompassing heart attacks, poisoning, pneumonia, surgical complications, premature birth and stroke along with ministration of the severely injured; whether due to an accident, gunshot or stabbing wounds, a fall, burns, or an industrial accident.

At Yashoda, we have multi – bedded and multi – disciplinary ICUs equipped with:

All the clinical units are individualistically functional with dedicated nursing stations, central monitoring and spick & span utility areas. The ICUs also have isolation rooms with independent AHUs for Immune – compromised and heavily infected patients. ICU is supported by the High Dependency Units and step down wards.

We believe in the survival plausibility for critically ill patients by proffering appropriate supervision and reduction of complications due to medical errors or poorly performed procedures. Hence, a lot of underscoring is entrusted within domains like nurses’ training, standardizing care through clinical pathways and the identification of ethical and economic issues pertaining to Critical Care.

The Department of Critical Care operates on the core principles of rapid and clinically – reliable decision making. Our paramedics and support staff offer one of the safest patient transportation and specialized stabilization support en route to the hospital. Our on – site multidisciplinary critical care line – up of specialized physicians, surgeons, intensivists, anesthetists, and nurses exist to deliver patient – centric and efficacious care.