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Ophthalmology department at Yashoda Super Specialty Hospitals is providing eye care ranging from routine eye examinations to complex & microscopic surgical procedures. The department also performs refractions, prescribes contact lenses and performs other tests to help maintain good vision.

Facilities at Yashoda include:

  • Comprehensive Eye Care With State Of The Art Equipment
  • Lid/ Lachrymal Apparatus Surgeries- Endonasal DCR
  • Phacoemulsification With Intra Ocular Lens Implants For Cataract
  • Glaucoma Workup And Surgeries
  • Other Facilities Include Treatment Of Retinal Disorders And Squint Surgeries.
  • Refractive Surgeries To Treat Myopia, Hypermetropia
  • Intraocular Laser Surgery- YAG
  • Ocular Trauma Surgery- Orbital Decompression
  • Intravitrial Injections

Quality Policy

Yashoda Super Specialty Hospital is a tertiary care hospital with focus on providing world class and holistic healthcare services with excellence in multi specialties to treat patients with respect, compassion, dignity and ensuring their safety by complying with all legal requirements & significant environmental aspects to maintain adherence with NABH standards through continuous quality improvement.

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